22 DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes

21 Easy Toddler Halloween Costumes

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No need to spend a ton of money on a flimsy Halloween costume your kid can only wear once; here are some great DIY toddler Halloween costumes you can make yourself that are inexpensive, easy to make, and will last for years!

If you need a costume for younger kids, check out these DIY baby Halloween costumes!

22 DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes

1. A sweet take on the original red caped crusader

Little Red Riding Hood Toddler Costume

No big bad wolves will dare mess with your little one! Inspired by the favorite Grimm’s fairy tale, she can now embody this wonderful character with only a large piece of red fabric for a cape while holding a basket full of goodies for Grandma!

See the full instructions on Do It Yourself Divas.

2. Your little one will be swishing her tail in no time!

Little Mermaid Toddler Costume

This costume is sure to make any little girl excited! And don’t worry because this mermaid tail is totally walking-friendly and will not restrict their legs while trick-or-treating.

See the full instructions on Me Sew Crazy.

3. This duct tape skeleton costume is great for little kiddos who don’t want to cover their faces

Skeleton Toddler Costume

Perfect for little trick-or-treaters who need ultra cool disguises for an evening of fun and frolics! If you’re looking for the easiest, cheapest and most kid friendly DIY costume, well this is it!

See the full instructions on And We Play.

4. Get your sparkles on with this cute Tinker Bell costume

DIY Tinkerbell Toddler Costume

This Tink is so cute, sassy, and hilarious. Plus, her outfit choice is on point. It will be the costume every little girl will want to wear again and again!

See the full instructions on The Nesting Spot.

5. Turn your child into the greatest master to ever live in a galaxy far, far away, with this DIY Yoda costume

DIY Yoda Toddler Costume

Transform a trip to the park into a Jedi training mission, where your young one teaches you all about the ways of the Force. Who knows? He may make a Jedi Knight out of you yet!

See the full instructions on Pulling Curls.

6. All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust to make this costume!

DIY Peter Pan Toddler Costume

Here’s the other half of that magic! Peter Pan is a character everyone recognizes and with this adorable costume, your kid will be ready to battle Hook.

See the full instructions on The Nesting Spot.

7. Black cats aren’t spooky anymore with this lovely DIY feline costume

DIY Black Cat Toddler Costume

Boasting lots of rich details, this super cute kitty costume is purrr-fect for trick-or-treating. She’ll loved spinning around and meowing at everything.

See the full instructions on Do It Yourself Divas.

8. This owl Halloween costume will be a hoot for your little one

DIY Owl Toddler Costume

What a cute little bird! Hoot Hoot! This animal costume keeps the cutest owls warm on chilly nights.

See the full instructions on This Heart of Mine Blog.

9. A sweet look for a unicorn lover

DIY Unicorn Toddler Costume

Create your own ethereal, mystical creature costume for your toddler this year. This homemade unicorn costume is the way to go if your child is fascinated with all things pretend and magical.

See the full instructions on Craftaholics Anonymous.

10. Embrace the force and join the rebellion with this easy no-sew “Star Wars Rebels” inspired costume

DIY Star Wars Rebel Toddler Costume

Your son can pretend to be one of the crew members right alongside the show! It’s so easy to make, you too will love it!

See the full instructions on The Nerd’s Wife.

11. Go Gotham with a Batman costume for your toddler

DIY Batman Toddler Costume

Every kid loves to dress up like Batman! Whether they’re saving the playpen from bad guys, or fluttering by at the speed of light in the tricycle mobile, it sure is classic!

See the full instructions on Do It Yourself Divas.

12. Transform your little one into the cutest dog around

DIY Puppy Toddler Costume

If you’re thinking of dressing up both your pet and your kiddo this Halloween, look no further for inspiration. It will be perfect chance to show your kid’s love for animals!

See the full instructions on This Heart of Mine Blog.

13. Polar Express train costume out of a diaper box

Polar Express Train Toddler Costume

If you have a little train lover in your house, this DIY train costume is a great trash-to-treasure creation. Made from cardboard boxes, paint and a few simple craft materials. Your little engineer will love choo-chooing around the neighborhood in this costume!

See the full instructions on C.R.A.F.T.

14. Build a Mario and Luigi go kart Halloween costume out of a cardboard box

Mario and Luigi Toddler Costumes

Let your kids ride in style this Halloween on a DIY go kart. These easy and inexpensive props are sure to be a Halloween hit. Make the real life Mario kart dream come true!

See the full instructions on twindragonflydesigns.com.

15. To infinity and beyond!

DIY Buzz Lightyear Toddler Costume

Buzz Lightyear is a beloved character that you and your child can get excited about. Let’s face it, who didn’t love his ‘Spanish Mode’ in the third movie? But seriously, if your kid loves space and wants to experience intergalactic adventures, this is what you’ll need to make!

See the full instructions on Fun at Home With Kids.

16. Simple poncho style ghost costume that leaves their heads uncovered

Easy Ghost Toddler Costume

This ghost poncho is so much cuter than the traditional sheet-over-the-head ghost costumes. Super genius! And easy on and off!

See the full instructions on Bombshell Bling.

17. Let your child’s imagination fly free with these majestic felt monarch butterfly wings

DIY Toddler Monarch Wings

Aren’t they gorgeous? You don’t even need a sewing needle to create this butterfly! The rich colors and soft fabric looks really good and comfortable during the night of trick-or-treating! Your little girl will be fluttering around the front yard waiting for her Halloween adventure to begin.

See the full instructions on Buggy and Buddy.

18. Make this fun lion Halloween costume in just minutes and with just a bundle of yarn!

DIY Lion Toddler Costume

Get ready to hear a lot of ROARS around your house and neighborhood. Forget the needle and thread, all you need for this is yarn and eyeliner, and you can pull this together in no time.

See the full instructions on A Night Owl Blog.

19. To turn your child into a character from his favorite app

DIY Angry Birds Toddler Costume

This costume is great especially in the cold weather, because it provides warmth. And they are much cuter than their store-bought counterparts. It’s made to held up so well so that your toddler can wear it whenever, even just for playtime.

See the full instructions on I Can Teach My Child.

20. Super easy bee costume for the cutest little bumble bee!

DIY Bumble Bee Toddler Costume

Dress your child in this little bee costume and let them loose on the garden. They’ll blend right in with the other critters! And hey, you never know – maybe they’ll even bring back some honey! Or should I say, TREATS?

See the full instructions on Sugar Bee Crafts.

21. Get your kid ready for the deep end with an all black outfit and some recycled soda bottles

DIY Scuba Diver Toddler Costume

Help your little guy fulfill his dreams of underwater exploration with the materials you already have in your home. It will also be a good idea to insert plastic tubing into the soda bottles and attach the ends to a pacifier. It’s going to be overly cute and hilarious! 🙂

See the full instructions on Delineate Your Dwelling.

22. Keep up with the nursery rhyme and halloween theme

DIY Spider Web and Spider Costume

You can just slip this spider web poncho over any outfit for an instant costume, or let your kid wear it as a finishing touch. Plus this spider costume’s leggy design is sweetly spooky. A perfect combo for your kids!

See the full instructions on Pretty Plain Janes.

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